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  1. Thanks Ahmed. The game works properly, and some of the scenarios ask good questions, but the consequences are too simple. E.g. if u stop someone to tell them they’re going the wrong way, there is so much that can go wrong, or else everyone would have done it all the time.

    It is also too short and some of the scenarios are almost obvious? You need the player to learn something new without predicting what the *right* answer is


  2. Nice game, Ahmed! It’s simple. You can include the option to choose more than one option because sometimes you can do more than one thing for example the decision when someone suddenly switches lanes without signaling


  3. Great game Ahmed.
    Some tweaks I’d suggest are
    – to elaborate more on the scenarios as it’s not that simple IRL
    – Suggest better solutions and/or alternatives within the game
    Overall, very useful and informative game


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